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1. Registration Conditions

Limited warranty will only be valid if the end user completes this registration card as soon as the aircraft engine goes into service and at the latest 30 days after the date of purchase and returns it to the national authorized ROTAX® distributor of the area in which the aircraft engine is firstly operated

2. Claim to limited warranty

No other warranty and/or guarantee than defined in the actual limited warranty conditions are granted.

3. Engine

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5. Propeller

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This engine, by its design, is subject to sudden stoppage! Engine stoppage can result in crash landings. Such crash landings can lead to serious bodily injury or death. Never fly the aircraft equipped with this engine at locations, airspeeds, altitudes or in other circumstances where a successful no-power landing cannot be made after sudden engine stoppage.

This is not a certified aircraft engine. It has not received any safety or durability testing according aeronautical standards or regulations prescribed by the authorities and conforms to no aircraft standards. It is for use in experimental, non-certified aircraft and vehicles only in which an engine failure will not compromise safety. However these ROTAX® aircraft engines conform to ROTAX® quality standards. User assumes all risk of use and acknowledges by his use that he knows this engine is subject to sudden stoppage.

I declare that I have received the full engine supply volume and as ordered. The dealer named on this document has instructed me on the operation, maintenance, safety features and limited warranty policy, all of which I understand. Prior to operation of the engine, I will read and understand the Operators Manual in its entirety and carefully follow the specified break in procedure. I am also satisfied with the state and inspection of my engine.


I have read and understood the above declaration.